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Mac Service and Repair
Learn how to get your Mac desktop or Mac notebook fixed and how much it will cost.

Which Macs do you repair?
We service all out-of-warranty Apple iMacs, MacBooks Pros & Airs.  Anything more than a year old we specialize in.  We can repair screens, keyboards, motherboards, hard drives, memory, and software issues.  If you need data recovery services please call.

In-warranty repairs (AppleCare) need to be done at the Apple Store.  The advantages Mac Outlet has by only doing out-of-warranty repairs is we can do them much more cost effective than an Apple Store.  Apple Stores only use Apple parts, which are extremely expensive.  We use the industry leading parts, like Crucial SSD Drives and Memory.  Thus, at Mac Outlet you get high quality parts and flat-rate labor at about half the price Apple would charge you for out-of-warranty services.  

How much will repairs cost?
Our repairs all start with a $39.97 diagnostics fee which will be applied to the repair should you decide to proceed.  After the complete diagnostics is done by a Certified Apple Technician, we provide you a full quote for the parts plus labor.  Most of our labor charges are flat-rate, "pay-by-the-hour" rate typically doesn't apply.  For example, all battery, hard drive and memory installs have flat-rate pricing with installation included.  Because we use flat-rate labor on most repairs and upgrades, we have the most competitive prices in the Denver-Englewood Market.  We will match or beat any of our local competitors labor rates to earn your business, but typically, we don't have too.  Labor-by-the-hour rates are almost always higher than ours.  Come see we are the highest rated Mac Repair Shop in Denver.

iMac, MacBook Pros & Airs - LCD/Retina Screen Screen Repair/Replacement
  • Flat-rate labor of $119 plus the cost of the LCD/Retina screen

iMacs, MacBook Pros & Airs - Logic Board Repair/Replacement
  • Flat-rate labor of $119 plus the cost of the logic board

MacBook Pros & Airs - Top/Bottom Cracked Case Replacement
  • Flat-rate labor of $119 plus the cost of the replacement case

MacBook Pros & Airs - Keyboard Repair/Replacement
  • Flat-rate labor of $79 plus the cost of the replacement keyboard

Water Damage Services
  • Complete water damage clean and restore is $249.97